About The Documentary

We’re getting close.  See below for a couple updates on both progress on the documentary and issues with PledgeMusic.

 Documentary Progress:

We are deep in editing work on the documentary and are actually on our second edit (it takes a few to get it right).  In fact we are close enough that we are going to do a “Work In Progress” screening of it at the Dallas International Film Festival in Dallas, Texas on April 12, 2019.  Please note the “work in progress” moniker.  The documentary will not be finished for this screening, but will be close.  This screening gives us a way to get it in front of a few eyeballs to get a sense of what edits might still be needed to get our finished version.  We’ll be working feverishly on that post screening.

We hope to give you more updates in the coming months.  We understand some of you are frustrated by the amount of time this documentary has taken.  Trust us, it’s been an eye opening experience dealing with a “film” – it’s just a different animal.  We’re getting very close, but still are far enough out that we do not have a firm date for you yet.



Some of you may have already been reading in the press that PledgeMusic has been having financial troubles.  In addition to navigating the logistics of creating a documentary, we have also had to navigate the fact that we’ve received no funds from our PledgeMusic campaign to assist in financing the documentary.  To be clear, we did receive funds from them to complete Things We Do At Night which was also part of the documentary campaign, but have not received any other funds in years.  The lack of funds has added to the complexity of this project.


It doesn’t look good for PledgeMusic.  It appears they will likely fall into bankruptcy and we will not get paid any of the documentary funds.  To add to it, it’s unlikely PledgeMusic will have the ability to refund any of you.  This is not specific to Blue October – there are hundreds (if not thousands) of artists and fans who have used PledgeMusic who are going to get burned by their demise.


HOWEVER – Blue October will push through this and we WILL fulfill every order in our PledgeMusic campaign regardless of receiving funds from PledgeMusic.  If you ordered a DVD, BluRay, Poster, Red Carpet Event, or any other item that is still unfulfilled, you WILL get your item fulfilled by Blue October at the time we release the Documentary. If you need to change the address for items already purchased please email: getbackup.orders@bandwear.com.


We know that many of you are impatient and rightfully so.  None of us imagined 5 years ago that it would take this long to complete.  At this point it is what it is and there is nothing we can do to erase the time it’s taken.  We ask that you stay patient with us just a while longer – we are certainly in the final stages of this process.


Forever grateful,

Justin and Blue October